Tony's Own Organic Sea Salt 375g


Tony's Own

FSSC 22000


Safe & 


Tony’s Own sea salt is harvested, using an age-old process, from the deep clear waters of the Southern Oceans.
This ensures that it retains it’s clean, natural and intense flavour.
Ideal for cooking or table use.

Use it instead of table salt, it will help to develop the flavours of all your cooking.

Add to sauces, pasta, vegetables, soups etc. or grind onto any meat, fish or poultry prior to cooking or to individual taste after serving.

What is Organic Sea Salt?
Altough strictly speaking salt is not organic (not being carbon based), in modern parlance the term Organic has taken on the meaning of being food free from added chemicals.

100% Natural, no artificial additives!

About Tony's Own
As a Master Butcher, chef and one time restaurateur, my passion for great food has now been directed to making a selection of high quality, hand made taste sensations that everyone can enjoy.

In 1996 my wife Isobel and I began producing our genuine home made "Just add water" curry pastes for the chef in all of us to create easy authentic curries at home. Over the following years we have expanded the range to include amazing sauces, condiments and other specialty foods. Picnic St. is proud to offer our customers these amazing, homemade products, delivered fresh to your door!
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