Sweet Inspirations Lebanese Patisserie Sanyorah 4 Pieces


Sweet Inspirations Lebanese Patisserie

FSSC 22000


Safe & 


"Four Sanyorah for all of you to enjoy! Order your sweets today and have them freshly delivered to your door! Enjoy our sweets from the comfort of your home!

Ingredients: Ghee, Sugar, Flour and Almond.

Making sweets from the HEART. Allow yourself to succumb to a variety of tastes, textures and visual appeal, whilst you are taken on a traditional and authentic multi-sensory journey with our Sweet Inspirations Lebanese patisserie sweets! Sweet Inspirations take pride in using only the finest and best quality ingredients to create our extensive range of delicious and scrumptious traditional Lebanese sweets. Sink your teeth into our rich and sticky filo layered Baklava which is filled with finely chopped cashews, pistachios and walnuts or try our succulent sweet cheese or cream filled Kanafeh with its crunchy golden layers and a drizzling of syrup. Warm, sweet, sticky and crunchy are just a few words that come to mind when describing our Znoid El Sit. These delicious pastry finger rolls filled with a luscious thickened cream center, combine the very best textures and flavours of traditional and authentic Lebanese sweets. We hope you enjoy our fine Lebanese sweets, from our family to yours!"


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