Picnic St. Premium Cuts Porterhouse Steak-Vacuum Pack 1 KG


Picnic St. Premium Cuts

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Premium Porterhouse Steaks HGP free, all natural and prepared by our local butcher. All Picnic St. Premium cuts meats are grass fed and halal.

The Picnic Street Premium Meat range is specifically sourced from the finest suppliers, Westside Meats Premium, Parwan Prime and prepared daily for the freshest and highest quality possible. Our local butcher Metin Meats exclusively cuts, slices and trims the meat with the care and respect it deserves, making sure the meat that finds its way to your plate is nothing short of perfection. Ensuring to capture every part of the goodness and freshness, all our meat is prepared on the day of delivery. 100% Australian premium 5-star meat delivered to your door.

All of our Picnic St. Premium Cuts products are Halal Certified.


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