Dibble Mayo 300 G



FSSC 22000


Safe & 


"The perfect partner for a mushroom and watercress panini or drizzled over Mexican grilled corn *drool*, when compared to an average jar of egg-based mayo, our thick and creamy plant-based vegan Mayo has 36% less fat AND saves 83L of water. The stuff condiment dreams are made of. Pioneering as the first creation from our entire range, this classic mayo has the perfect consistency and texture that would go seamlessly well with any dish. You can also combine this mayo and elevate it with other delicious ingredients like basil, Sriracha, wholegrain mustard, or caramelised onions. Talk about versatility!

With every purchase of Dibble Mayo, a portion of the profits is donated to plant trees.
Free From: Egg, Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Nuts, GMO, Cholesterol.

Ingredients: Cultured Aquafaba (Water, Chickpeas, Vegan Cultures), Sunflower Oil, Vinegar, Starch, Lemon Juice (Citric Acid), Salt, Sugar, Mustard Powder, Rosemary Extract.

Vegan Friendly

Best Used For: Coleslaw, Salad Dressings, Tacos, Sushi, Sandwich.

Dibble is an Australian company producing game-changing sustainable foods. As purveyors of plant-based foods, Dibble is dedicated to prove that you can make a positive impact, and it all begins with a simple jar of mayo, aioli or sour cream.
Did you know it takes 83L of water to produce just the egg-content in an average jar of traditional mayonnaise? Crazy, huh! That’s why instead of eggs, Dibble use Aussie chickpeas to make the tastiest plant-based foods. Dibble also ensure all products are allergen friendly so they will also be free from gluten, soy, nuts, GMOS, eggs, and dairy. This makes Dibble the go-to option for all diets or simply, for a better planet.
This fits perfectly with Dibble’s mission: to sustainably produce delicious foods while creating greater awareness of the long-term effects today’s food can have on tomorrow’s environment."



Nutritional Information

Servings per package:20 Serving Size: 15g  
  Avg Qty per serve

Avg Qty per 100g

Energy 175kJ 1160kJ
Protein 0.1g 0.8g
-Gluten Nil Detected Nil Detected
Fat total 3.9g 25.9g
-Saturated 0.4g 2.8g
Cholesterol 0.0g 0.0g
Carbohydrates 1.6g 10.7g
-Sugars 0.3g 2.1g
Sodium 126mg 842mg
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