Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts Cinnamon Coconut Chips 50 G


Beach Harvest Australian Coconuts

FSSC 22000


Safe & 


"One of our original flavours and still one of the most popular.

When a flavour has 10 times the reviews as the next best thing, you may wonder why... the flavour is perfectly balanced, moreish, still retaining all the flavour of both cinnamon and coconut to create a flavour that transcends the mortal realm.

This is one of our best selling flavours at our local markets, and people return home and buy more. Have you tried it?

Coconut Chips - Award-Winning, Gourmet, Delicious. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Soy Free

Beach Harvest coconuts are born & bred in Port Douglas, Queensland. We NEVER use imported coconuts. We believe in using locally-grown produce, supporting Aussie farmers, and using the best ingredients to make snacks that nourish our bodies.

Our coconuts are handpicked and sustainably harvested directly from our pristine tropical beaches in Far North Queensland.

Ingredients: Coconut, Sugar, Cinnamon. Like cinnamon? You've gotta try this one. This is our #1 best seller online and is one of our original flavours. Warning: chips disappear quickly!"



Nutritional Information

Servings per packing: 1
Serving size: 50g

  Per Serving Per 100g
Energy 1350kJ 2700kJ
Protein 2.9g 5.8g
Fat, total 25.8g 51.5g
-Saturated 20.6g 41.3g
Carbohydrate 17.2g 34.4g
-Sugar 16.9g 33.8g
Sodium 9mg 18mg

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