Auswan Biltong Hot Chilli Meat Snack 50 G

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Hot Chilli Air-Dried & Cured Hot Chilli Biltong. Hand made in Gippsland from 100% local grass-fed beef!

About our Popular Auswan Biltong Treats is that…
Auswan Biltong, with its air dried cured meat, is a popular snack made and enjoyed
by many biltong lovers worldwide but extremely popular in South Africa. What
makes biltong so popular is certainly not only because it is so delicious, but also
because it is a nutritious and healthier alternative to other snacks such as:- chips,
sweets, chocolates and the like. Next to bacon, one thing that makes people
seriously reconsider veganism is biltong and when facing a pouch of the good
stuff, you probably can’t help reaching for just a little bit more, every time.
What Nutritional Value Does Biltong Have?

Biltong’s nutritional value lies therein that it is a source of protein and it is
extremely low in carbohydrates. Unlike other snacks, biltong contains no
carcinogenic ingredients. Our biltong also has less than one percent sugar per 100g
and that is why when faced at a tasty treat, you wouldn’t necessarily think that it
amounts to a very healthy snack. Therefore, while everything is best in moderation,
it turns out that eating biltong is healthier than you think. In fact, it’s healthier than
most common snacks. People start to release that biltong is the best weight-loss
snack, which suits most people just fine.

Here are six somewhat surprisingly healthy benefits of biltong that probably don’t
spring to mind for the everyday consumer:-
1. Biltong is low in fat, usually averaging 3 %, so it’s the perfect snack when
you’re dieting.
2. It also contains fewer kilojoules than the other snacks like chocolate or chips.
This is because biltong is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. As little as 25g
of lean biltong can meet half your daily protein requirements.
3. It’s naturally gluten-free and high in Vitamin B12, which is essential for healthy
blood and nerve cells as well as successful cell replication, especially for growing
4. The traditional spices used on biltong are natural ingredients that you’re familiar
with like salt, pepper, vinegar, coriander. There are also less harmful chemicals in
the favouring and in the preserving. Jerky or some other biltong snacks are the
5. It’s light and stores well, so it’s ideal for long car trips, camping, fishing and
hiking. Alternatively, just keep some in your gym bag or riding a bike to fill that
hungry stomach. Because it’s so high in protein it’s the perfect post-workout snack
for the gym.
6. Fancy being a little versatile? You can cook with biltong. It goes really well with
avocado and mangoes. Add it to a bowl of green salads or a platter of cheese and
toasted bread to give it a little something extra, without having to use fatty cured
meats like salami. Toasted bread with smashed avocado and biltong are damn good
and tasty.
Biltong tastes great when combined with Fino or Amontillado style sherry, as well as
vermouth. Red wine, Beer or a Coke also goes well with our Snack. Biltong is both
sweet and salty due to the vinegar and salt used in the curing process. Therefore,

beverages with a bitter component will provide a delicious contrast to the biltong
Cocktails with a bitter component like gin and tonic or whisky and ginger ale make
for a perfect pairing.
Because biltong is so versatile it can added to numerous dishes and appetizers. So
whether you’re eating it on its own as a snack, as part of a stew or soup for dinner,
or mixed into a dip for a delicious appetizer, it can always be paired with your
alcoholic beverage or of choice or a coke when on the road.""


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