Ausnat Fruits Fruit Chocolate & Yoghurt 100g

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Ausnat Fruits

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Riverland Sulphur Dried Apricot, Peach, Pear, Plum & Nectarine Dipped in Chocolate & Yoghurt. A gourmet treat, perfect for any occasion! Add it to your hamper or gift basket when sending it out to a loved one. Picnic St. is proud to take Ausnat Fruit gourmet products to its customers around Australia!

There are few sights in this world that delight a gourmet food lover more than a well-stocked cheese platter. However, if you want to take your platter to the next level, look to Ausnat Fruits. They provide a range of gourmet fruit delicacies guaranteed to impress. Using the highest quality, locally grown fruit, they offer the sweet accompaniment of gourmet jellies and bottled fruits, as well a selection of dried fruit dipped in chocolate or yoghurt. In addition, Ausnat Fruits products make a heavenly dessert or a way to enhance the taste of your seasoned meats.

The home-made style range will appeal to gourmets who appreciate delicious and unique products, and enjoy captivating flavour combinations.

Ausnat Fruits is a small but passionate family business located in South Australia’s sunny Riverland region, situated along the Murray River. They are passionate about using the Riverland’s clean, green produce to create their gourmet treats, which are of the highest quality.

Owner Anne Battams has been producing these fruit delicacies for almost 30 years, and sends them to around 50 stockists throughout Australia.

Ingredients: Dried Fruit (220), Chocolate & Yoghurt. Gluten Free

Nutritional Information
Single Serve: 10g
Energy 18.24kJ
Protein 29.65g
Fat - total 1.45g
Saturates 1.19g
Carbs Total 5.79g
Including Sugars 5.61g
Sodium 5.63mg
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