Nothing but the best!

We know our customer’s desire and deserve nothing but excellence. All our products are sourced from the finest suppliers and premium farmers, right from our own backyard.

To assure we provide the freshest produce and premium goods,

every order is double, even triple checked before it reaches your door.

Quality guaranteed freshness.

On Time


Service With
A Smile

with Perfection

Who let the Chooks out?

Sourced from local butchers right here in Melbourne, our La Ionica poultry products are prepared fresh, on the day of delivery. All chicken used have been processed chemical free, capturing the natural juices and flavor you expect from healthy and tender chicken meat. Enjoy chicken the way it’s meant to be.

Our Meat in the middle of our Street

The Picnic Street Premium Cuts Meat range is specifically sourced from the finest suppliers and prepared daily for the freshest and highest quality possible.
Our local butchers cut, slice and trim the meat with the care and respect it deserves, making sure the meat that finds its way to your plate is nothing short of perfection. Ensuring to capture every part of the goodness and freshness, all our meat is prepared on the day of delivery.

100% Australian premium 5-star meat delivered to your door.

Hasn’t Been Fresher.

Quality at the forefront, our Fruit and Vegetables are locally sourced, Australian grown and the freshest produce available. Your order is prepared in the morning of your delivery, in a hygienic, minimal contact, clean environment. From the sourcing to picking, all the way through to the delivery to your door, we take pride in the freshness of our products and high standard of service. Let it be a fruity and veggie day.


Our organic produce is sourced nationally with strict organic requirements. Initially focusing on local Victorian farmers, all our organic produce is Australian grown and owned.

Your orders are sourced and packed on the day of delivery, making sure the freshness and nutritious values are harnessed daily.

Remembering freshness and quality is at the forefront of our service, you can rest-assured you will receive the excellence you desire.

If you are after clean and green, we have you sorted.