Why Organic Baby Food?

Why Organic Baby Food?

Picnic STOctober 30, 2020
All parents have their babies’ best interests at heart and that includes feeding the healthiest and nutritious products for them. First let’s begin with what organic is. 
Organic produce is mostly free from the nasty pesticides and chemicals which are in most generic produce you’ll find at the supermarkets. Unfortunately, today most baby foods are full of processed sugars and fruit concentrates. During the beginning of your babies’ taste development, it is important to free them from poor quality, processed foods.

There are many factors for one to choose organic baby products – not only because of what it doesn’t contain, but because of its benefits. Organic products are richer in essential nutrients. Organic fruits and veggies are packed with even higher levels of antioxidants and vitamins than the products which are genetically modified. Now who wouldn’t want these benefits for their little bubs?

Organic farming is more sustainable for the environment. It causes less pollution and less carbon dioxide. Organic is essentially a very green thinking, responsible choice.

Look out for products which are only certified. This certification ensures compliance with national production standards and means all certified products, processes and production methods can be traced back to their origin.  Certified organic products also use seasonal products which ensure you that you’re being fed the best.

Here at Picnic St, we’ve ensured that the best Australian, home grown organic products are available with your bubs in mind. Order today!

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