Why Organic?

Why Organic?

Picnic STJuly 19, 20201 comment

A buzz word thrown around in any foodie discussion, the preference of organic over non-organic food options. Something we are passionate about here at Picnic Street as well. 

Studies world-wide are here nor there when it comes to the beneficial differences, but no one can dispute the importance of options free from artificial chemicals, pesticides and hormones.

Organic farming results in healthy soil to form the basis of health produce. The idea of using chemicals to kill unwanted insects only allows for the bugs to build an immune system to the harmful chemicals, resulting in more chemical usage and contamination of the soil and produce. The farm life forms the basis of both the food chain for produce and the basic unit of a community. Meaning a healthy farm life will intern result in a healthy food chain and healthy community.

Remember that time you picked an apple from that tree on the side of the road. How juicy and flavourful was that bite, the crunch, that is what organic produce represents. The tree requires to root itself deeper, searching the earth for the best nutrients on offer from mother earth. This in turn results in the bearing of nutritious, fresh and tasty produce.

The ecological impact is another major point of discussion. As the ancient saying goes, “you reap what you sow”, therefore the usage of any chemicals has a negative impact on our environment. This is not only limited to the soil it is used on, but the rivers, seas and oceans all of the chemicals find their way into via the aquifers and rain flow.

The changing times we are in also have resulted in the consumer focus to concentrate on Australian Grown, Australian Made and Australian Owned. These three elements form the make-up of organic produce, meaning you are also supporting your local business’s when going organic with your food options.

These restaurants are great dining alternatives, but you can always create your own organic dining experiences in the comfort of your home. At Picnic Street you are able to source a wide range of organic pasta, yoghurt, eggs, honey…to name a few.

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tuba uzun on October 15, 2020

Would love to see more organic fresh produce.

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