What Is Sucuk ?

What Is Sucuk ?

Picnic STNovember 12, 2020

Turkey’s favourite smallgoods, Sucuk, or sujuk, is a type of sausage, similar to chorizo. It is usually made with ground beef, however, sometimes lamb is added to add a little bit more flavour. This dish native to Turkey is also enjoyed all over the Balkan region, the Middle East and Central Asia.

This semi-dried beef-based sausage from Turkey is made by a dry-curing process. Ground beef is mixed in with salt and other spices, usually cumin, paprika, sumac, garlic and pepper. This mixture is then fed through sausage casings and left to dry for a few weeks. During this drying and curing period, the salt and other spices ferment with the ground meat, creating a chemical reaction that changes the molecular structure, flavour and consistency of the meat.  Once dried, the end result is a firm, flavourful sausage with a high-fat and salt content.

One of the best ways to enjoy sucuk is to cook it with some eggs, which you can conveniently purchase both, sucuk and eggs from Picnic St, and get home delivery today. It is often cut into slices and cooked without additional oil, as its own fat is sufficient enough to fry it. Some other ways in which you can prepare it is my making a toastie, with some Turkish bread or just serve the sucuk on its own along your breakfast. You can even top your pizza with sucuk. Let your imagination run wild.

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