Salad for Breakfast?

Salad for Breakfast?

Picnic STJuly 13, 2020

We were delighted to discover an exciting new trend between foodies and bloggers as a team united by our passion for salads: eating salad for breakfast!

 We often eat salad for lunch and dinner, so why not breakfast? A morning salad will provide the right balance of healthy fats, protein and nutrients that will keep you feeling full and balanced before lunchtime. What a perfect way to get your "five a day" kick off!

 The variations are endless for a quick salad for breakfast. We are confident it will become a new addiction in the morning. Here are a few simple ideas for you to get started:

  • Tomato chunks, avocado slices and hard-boiled eggs
  • Fresh spinach, sliced strawberries, almonds and cottage cheese
  • Corn salad or your favourite salad leaves, sweet potato, dried cranberries and poppy seeds with a dash of olive oil
  • A traditional Italian caprese: sliced tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella with olive oil
  • Baby spinach, red grapes, walnuts and a little squeeze of honey
  • Cherry tomatoes, melon and cucumber with mint leaves

To make your own breakfast salad, here are 6 points:

Put an egg on it: Doesn’t one egg just make pretty much anything breakfast food? Hard boiled, soft boiled or to an extra fancy touch poached.

 Add in some satiating fats: Nuts, avocado or olive oil. Not only do these things taste good but they help your brain wake up in the morning and keep you full till lunch.

 Change up your greens: There’s more than just ready mixed salad bags when it comes to salad greens. Change it up. Some good ones are spinach, arugula, kale, and shredded brussels sprouts. Mix and match. You’ll end up with a more nutrient-dense plate that way.

 Sprinkle on some fruits: Don’t be afraid of scattering on some berries or diced melons and in winter some citrus fruits, that give you the vitamins you need to fight against the cold months.

 Don’t ignore your leftovers: If you had some leftover veggies or salmon from last night, chop them up, chuck them in, and let things get delicious.

 Everyone loves a little crunch: Doesn't everyone love some texture in their salads? Nuts, seeds and some shredded carrots would add amazing texture and fun to your morning salad.


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