Melbourne, The Food Capital Of Australia

Melbourne, The Food Capital Of Australia

Picnic STSeptember 03, 2020

Melbourne has a reputation for its café culture - world famous coffee and Instagram worthy brunch foods. But in recent years, its reputation is far more than just smashed avo on toast.

Melbourne has had a bit of a revolution in terms of gastronomy. Its food scene now mirrors the demographics of its diverse, multicultural population: African, Southeast Asian, Turkish, South American, Italian and Lebanese flavours all collide as one.

You have Chinatown, which was established in 1851, serving up yum cha and juicy dumplings. ‘Little Italy’ in Carlton where restaurants spill onto the pavements serving up pizza, pasta and artisanal gelato shops. Sydney Rd is full of Middle Eastern stores selling everything from falafel to baklava.

Alongside the old school establishments as popular as ever, Melbourne has established the scene as a Mecca for modern, finer dining. An abundance of these restaurants can be found in just about any block in its city. From the laneways to the banks of the Yarra or the Crown Melbourne complex. Inner Melbourne suburbs like Richmond, Fitzroy and Prahran are also bustling with a great foodie scene.

Many restaurants are led by world renowned chefs, with Heston Blumenthal’s ‘Dinner by Heston’ being one of them. Don’t be surprised if you can’t make a reservation as some may only accept walk ins and Melburnians are now used to queuing for their tables which has become a common practice.

Melbourne offers various different options, whether that’s sipping on your coffee in a café, finer dining or eating in the laneways. Melbourne is such an eclectic city, and this showcases in their food and wine, which is no wonder that it’s not only the culinary capital of Australia, but also a top foodie city in the world. Melbourne has something to offer for every tastebud, so go ahead and find out for yourself! 

As we are experiencing unprecedented times with lockdowns in place and no real end date ahead, the Melbourne food experience is now flourishing within households. Picnic Street has varying local products to assist with your in-house dining experiencing, so your favourite taste and creations are a click away.

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