Crazy For Kefir

Crazy For Kefir

Picnic STAugust 28, 2020

Kefir is currently all the craze in the health world experiencing a recent wave of popularity.

A cultured and fermented milk drink, Kefir comes from the mountainous regions between Asia and Europe. Its consistency is much thinner than yoghurt, making it more of a drink similar to the Turkish yoghurt drink, Ayran.

Kefir is traditionally made from the milk of a cow, or now popularly sheep milk, goat milk or in some instances, using water. It has a tart, sour taste and a slight ‘fizz’. This is due to carbon dioxide which is the end product of the fermentation process. The length of the fermentation time determines the flavour.

Containing a good source of calcium, rich in probiotic bacteria and full of vitamins and minerals Kefir is well-known particularly for its healthy gut benefits. Many consider Kefir to be healthier than yogurt, as it is packed with probiotics, good bacteria and yeast. These can ease some digestive distresses or IBS symptoms that some people have and can assist in restoring the balance of friendly bacteria in your gut.

Do your gut health a favour, strengthen your immune system and add some probiotics into your diet, with Sahara’s range made using certified organic milk from grass-fed free-range cows throughout Victoria we have on offer at Picnic Street!


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