Picnic STNovember 26, 2020

When it comes to shopping, there are certain dates on the calendar which standout the most. Traditionally this would-be Christmas, Valentine’s Day, End Of Financial Year deals, seasonal bargains and in recent years, the phenomenon called Black Friday!

The origin of Black Friday dates back to the 50s in the United States, when it was not called “Black Friday” but was a day for retailers to offer unprecedented sales for the goods they were not able to sell prior to Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving takes place on the fourth Thursday in November, with the day after Thanksgiving also marking the beginning of the United States Christmas shopping season.

The term “Black Friday” first appeared in the state of Philadelphia, as a reference used by the police to describe the increase of shopping patrons across the city on the day after Thanksgiving back in the 60s.

As with all trends throughout the 20th century, whatever becomes accepted as a norm across the United States, the remainder of the world seems to take it up within a decade or two. Thus, enter the market, our very own, Australian shopping tradition, the Black Friday downunder.

Starting as a slow insertion into the online shopping front in Australia, Black Friday has emerged as a shopping tradition in recent years. Not to mention the Cyber Monday online only sales which continue through to the Monday end of the same weekend.

Savvy shoppers have already begun planning their targets for the best deals on offer across all industries, with many stores, outlets and brands extending the normally singular day to a weeklong Black Friday deals extravaganza.

Picnic Street have teamed up with Sahara Dairy to not simply offer a discount deal as such but go the extra mile and literally giveaway goods for FREE! All you have to do is place and order over $100 throughout this week, and not only will you receive FREE delivery, you will also receive the following items ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Sahara Turkish Style Yoghurt 1Kg

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Christmas may be around the corner, but Black Friday is here this week! Enjoy the shopping, let Picnic Street ease your supermarket stress, and may the shopping gods shine brightly upon you with freebies and savings to your heart’s desire.

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