…And That’s A Wrap!

…And That’s A Wrap!

Picnic STDecember 29, 2020

For the first time in a lifetime, every new year’s resolution worldwide has the same theme; “Thank god 2020 is over!”. It may feel like a taboo to do so, we all wish to forget 2020 never even happened, but let’s have a recap for the year that was.

We entered the year with the most devastating bushfires the nation has ever seen with over 47 million acres burned across the nation, millions of animals lost, thousands of people displaced and at least 34 people killed.

As the nation rose to overcome such devastation, the world was hit with the biggest threat humanity had experienced in its history, as the World Health Organisation announced the emergence of the deadly coronavirus, later to be known as Covid-19. The virus has infected over 20 million people to date and killed at least 750,000.

Natural disasters continued worldwide with the west coast wildfires in the USA burning millions of acres and displacing hundreds of thousands, an earthquake in western Turkey killing dozens, and a massive explosion, caused by the accidental detonation of over 2,500 tones of ammonium nitrate at the Beirut port in Lebanon, which killed over 190 people.

The killing of an unarmed George Floyd sparked one of the biggest civil activist movements in history as countless of demonstrations followed across the globe, with civil unrest and sometimes violent riots erupting across the USA, as people demanded an end to racial injustice and police brutality.

The magazine world was also hit with its own unprecedented shocks, with an unheard-of development from the royal front as Prince Harry quit the royal family and the first time ever a non-English movie won the Oscar with Bong Joon Ho’s film “Parasite”. Some may argue the Royal family news does not fit in with the ‘magazine’ genre, but I strongly argue that the royal family has become more of a pop-culture talking point and is more so paparazzi material news these days. 

2020 was not without its untimely loss, as the world farewelled an NBA legend, former LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant, at a young age, along with his daughter Gianna, who lost their lives when their helicopter crashed. Another devastating loss in the celebrity world was of the “Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman, as he lost his battle to colon cancer at the age of 43. The music world was saddened by the loss of Rock legend Eddie Van Halen, whilst the sporting world saw the departure of (arguably) the best soccer player in history, Diego Maradona. 

From the political front, Trump made headlines once again, all for the not so pleasant reasons with impeachments, positive Covid-19 test results and becoming the first sitting president to lose an election in three decades. Our own leaders rose to lead the nation through the Covid-19 pandemic as Scott Morrison made up for the leadership mistakes he made during the country’s worst ever bushfires (e.g. Hawaii getaway) as he established and led the national cabinet, bringing together all the states and territories, to tackle the handling of the pandemic.

Overall, the year that was, was not one we want to remember, but there is always a silver lining to any situation. In this instance, political differences were put aside as humanity came together to fight a common enemy in search of a vaccine to halt the Covid-19 threat and bring it to its knees. This is the hope that takes us into 2021 as numerous vaccines are being tested and the world enters a new norm.

We here at PicnicSt believe in this hope and have experienced firsthand the unity that has arouse from the unprecedented year that was 2020, as Australians have come to the aid of each other and communities joined to protect and support local Aussie businesses. Thank you to all for their support of Australian businesses and we look forward to continue serving you in the new year, as we wish you and your family all the very best for the festive season and the year ahead.


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